GX18B20 Display 0 Degree, No Work Problem Analysis


The initial temperature of GX18B2 0 is 85 degrees. Why does it show that it is 0 degrees or does not work?

Analysis: GX18B20 timing is accurate to us, different crystal oscillators, single-chip computers have to rewrite the delay function. The simulation can only be simulated by a certain program, and the time sequence of the concrete object must be calculated. Write a simple delay function, use the assembly window of Keil debugging to see the amount of assembly statements, and then calculate the time consumed to execute these statements once according to the period manual. This will never go wrong. With this method, it is easy to make the series of STC drivers GX18B20 succeed at different frequencies.

As shown in the figure, the original SCM used is STC12C5A60, which differs from the delay time of STC89C51. Only when the timing error occurs, the 18B20 does not work.

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